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It is 2016 and guess who is going to start blogging again? Me! – Meander.me

!!! Happy New Year !!!

So it is now 2016 and I have a goal to blog 52 times (average once a week).

What this blog WILL be:

  • Posts of interest to me.
  • Disconnected.  The content might seem random to the observer.  See above.
  • Mechanism to help develop the habit of writing once a week.
  • Varied length.  Some long, some short based on energy and bandwidth.
  • The goal is NOT to be perfect because Posts won’t get written.   The goal IS to get ideas out my head that might just be useful to someone.
  • Use of grammar is my prerogative.  I am sure I will fail, but I will try to be better.  See Above.
  • Adaptive.  As the year progresses, I will try different things. Some will work, some will not work.
  • Hopefully worth your time.

Cool.   I can now check Blog Week 1 off my list.  🙂

Chat with you soon!