Top 25 Beaches in the World (according to Trip Advisor), I have visited 3 of them and very close to 1 more.

Trip Advisor produced a list of what its users thought was the Top 25 Beaches in the World.

I thought it would be fun to create a google map of them all. Try expanding out the map by clicking on the [ ] in upper right and interact with it.

yes, yes I know that when Google map is zoomed out the pins are misplaced, (the earth is round?)

I have been to 3 of them ones noted in BOLD (with year visited).  Obviously,  I need to get my Beach on.

  1. Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos
  2. Praia do Sancho, Brazil
  3. Playa Paraiso Beach, Cuba
  4. Anse Lazio, Seychelles
  5. Cayo De Agua, Venezuela
  6. Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico (September 2015)
    Playa Flamenco and sun starting to set.
  7. Platja de Ses Illetes, Spain
  8. Ngapali Beach, Myanmar
  9. West Bay Beach, Honduras
  10. Nacpan Beach, Philippines
  11. Maho Bay, Saint John
  12. Whitehaven Beach, Australia (1995?)
  13. Sharm El Loly, Egypt
  14. Elafonissos Beach, Greece
  15. Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica (1997)
  16. The Baths, Virgin Gorda
  17. Camps Bay Beach, South Africa
  18. Praia da Marinha, Portugal
  19. Kata Noi Beach, Thailand
  20. Clearwater Beach, USA
  21. Playa Paraiso, Mexico ( I was close to this beach but was not exactly there in 2012)
  22. Agonda Beach, India
  23. Horseshoe Bay,  Bermuda
  24. Tumon Beach, Guam
  25. Praia de Santa Maria, Cape Verde

How I use Abreva as a Preventive for Cold Sores

First off I am NOT a doctor and I sure don't play one on TV, yet I wanted to share with the world some thoughts on Abreva. Please consult your doctor for real advice!

Oh the dreaded Cold Sore, I will speculate I have spent 25% of my life either having or healing from Cold Sores. They flat out suck!

Abreva is well known to help shorten the cycle and I have had some success with this, but using it proactively is what I want to talk about.

Cold Sore
One of thousands of photos of me with a Cold Sore.

So what is a cold sore?

Most cold sore sufferers aren’t exactly sure when they first encountered HSV-1. This is because the HSV-1 infection is usually contracted early in childhood and may not result in a visible cold sore outbreak. The virus will stay “asleep” until the secondary infection.

During a cold sore outbreak, which often occurs after you have experienced one of the cold sore triggers, the virus “wakes up” and infects the skin cells in or around your lip or mouth, eventually becoming a visible and contagious sore. By using Abreva® cream at the first tingle,* you can help shorten the healing time of your cold sore cycle.


On site they list the following triggers:

  • Viral infection or fever
  • Hormonal changes, such as those related to menstruation
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Exposure to sunlight and wind
  • Changes in the immune system

With the exception of Hormonal changes, it seems like:

  • One of the above triggers, I am likely to get a cold sore about 10% of the time.
  • With 2 of the triggers, the chances are closer to 50%.
  • With 3 of the triggers, then changes jump up to 90%.
  • With 4 of the triggers, it is almost guarantee I will get one or multiple sores. Ugh!

Yet, I have been trying an experiment the last 9 months. If I have been exposed to one or more triggers, I will apply Abreva to ALL areas of the lips. With this approach I have NOT had a severe outbreak once since.  A couple of times I have had very small outbreaks, but that is when I didn't apply soon enough after my triggers.

Lets take a concrete example. I went to Puerto Rico and spent a lot time in the sun. (Trigger #1). Travel is stressful (Trigger #2). Travel is also tiring (Trigger #3). Each day of the trip and afterwards, I would apply.  I don't think I have ever returned from a trip and not got a Cold Sore.  So, yay!

Abreva is not cheap! So, I don't apply it all the time. Yet this strategy has definitely improved my quality of life and hopefully someone may get some benefit from it.

Little Debbie's Chocolate Chip Cakes (under the Blue Light)

For people that know me, I love my chocolate!

If I had to pick one chocolate "item" of my dreams, it might be Little Debbie's "Chocolate Chip Cakes".  Yep, I have tried most (if not all) of Little Debbie's products, and I don't really care for most of them with the exception of new "Cookies and Cream".

Why do you ask do I love them so much?  Just look at the goodness here:


  • It first starts with the little chocolate chips on top.  The best part, when (and for certain they will) some of these amazing chips will fall off.  I will find them later (sometimes days), and it will bring back memories of oh such sweet dreams.
  • The white frosting coating that doesn't try to be anything but pure sugar, but gives form to my hands.
  • Ok next is moist chocolate cake that never crumbles.
  • Finally at the very center yet again more white frosting.  How can it get any better than this????

Yet, for some (most) this "cake" looks like a bunch of chemicals and sugar mixed together.  True...but for me it gives me such guilty pleasure.  I know it is so bad for me, but most things I enjoy there is not much nutrition value in them.  (with the notable exception of Blueberries)

The good news (I guess) is they don't carry Little Debbies here in Telluride.  So.... in order to fulfil my fix I have to drive 1.5 hours to pick me up a box of yummy.  Sometimes nice people will bring me a box.  Yay!   They don't last long, sometimes I will eat the WHOLE box on the way home.  Then I am sad.  But sometimes, I hide them from me and when I "discover" them, then I am happy.

Wow, after writing this I might need to check in to LDCCA (Little Debbie Chocolate Chip Anonymous)


Why the Blue Light?  That is a good question  It was the lighting that was on over the kitchen at the time.  Not sure WHY I did not change it.  Oh well.  Adds a bit of color to the post.

Sophia (Nexus 6p) meet World, World meet Sophia

Sophia (my name for my new Nexus 6p phone) is a pure Android (Marshmallow) experience.

I did (and still do) like my two year old Samsung Note 3, but something about all the bloatware on kind of bothered me.  Also it was getting a bit beat up, surprised that it lasted as long as it did.  Many of great photos were taken on it.

I have only had it for less than 24 hours, so this review is probably a bit rushed, but here is my experience with it:

Screen and Size:


A 5.7-inch, high-resolution WQHD AMOLED display


WOW!  It is gorgeous! It is about the same size as my Note 3, so no surprises there.20160219_143647-01



The powerful camera was built to capture your world in true-to-life detail. Larger 1.55 µm pixels absorb more light¹ in even the dimmest conditions to make your photos brighter.


The few photos I have taken look really good.  Very excited to run it through it paces!

Took quick photo at the library (where I am writing this post)


Fingerprint Reader:


Your Nexus is quicker to access and more secure with a fingerprint sensor placed on the back to complement the way you naturally hold your phone. Unlock your phone and compatible apps with just one touch.


This is something I was always curious about but really was not High on my list of requirements.  Boy was I wrong about that.  I LOVE it.  It plays sooooooo nice with LastPass.   Never again will I not have a phone with a Fingerprint reader (or equivalent)


Android Pay:


With Android Pay, you can start leaving your wallet behind as anyone with a compatible devices can pay for things with a simple tap via the NFC contactless payment system. Here's a guide to all the phones, places, and banks that support Android Pay.


I will admit, this was a driving force for getting a new phone.  The Note 3 was not able to do Android Pay.

I had my first Android Pay experience to buy a nice chocolate bar.  :-)



Performance and Power:


With the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810 v2.1 processor, performance is fast, yet gentle on the 3,450 mAh battery, so it can last all day long.² If you do get low, charging is quick with the USB Type-C plug. It's reversible, so there’s no more guessing which way is up.


Always with a shinny new gadget it is FAST.  This one is no exception.

One of my biggest complaints is NO wireless charging.  I am missing it already!.  :-(  However, the USB-C charge went from 0 to 100% in what seemed less than an hour.   WOW!


Sim Card:


The Nexus 6p takes a Nano-Sim card.


My Note 3 is not a nano-sim card so I had work with Verizon Support.  Typically you just go into the store, but being 1.5 hours away (Montrose), I decided to have one shipped to me.

The chat with the Verizon representative was very pleasant (and dare I say fun)




So far in my 24 hours, I really like my new device.  Stay tuned for updates!



Pearl Jam (Ride Festival)

There is not much infomation here, so visit for the full details!

The Ride Festival announce their lineup. I have never seen Pearl Jam, this can and should be good.



Telluride power outage Feb 13/14 2016

I don't always take my DieHard battery charger to bed with me, but when I do it is to power my phone through 14 hour and counting power outage.

Updates:  (from Twitter , Facebook and else where)

8:42  SMPA: The Telluride outage updated time of expected restoration is 12pm.

8:00  Telluride Ski Resort: Lifts 8 (Oak St) and 10 (Sunshine) will not be running until power is restored. Other lifts will be running on diesel beginning at 9 am.

7:30 am SMPA: Crews are still working to restore power to the Telluride area. Will post a new estimate of completion time as soon as one is available.

Hey we made the Denver Post!

Telluride's electric does not come in via a "grid". A rockslide took out the transmission line. Photo from San Miguel Power Association.



In part because I feel asleep at 9pm on a Saturday night, I was up at 5 am and have been interested about our local "grid" and power in general.

As many of you know Telluride had a big part in AC electricity.  Ophir is right over the hill from Telluride.

"The Ames Hydroelectric Generating Plant, located near Ophir, Colorado, was the world's first commercial system to produce and transmit alternating current (AC) electricity for industrial use. It is now on the List of IEEE Milestones.[1]"

San Miguel Power Association ( is our local rural electric cooperative that serves our members in portions of Montrose, San Miguel, Dolores, Mesa, San Juan, Hinsdale and Ouray counties in southwestern Colorado.

Image from SMPA.


Power in a mountain communities is hard.  Low population density, rough terrain, inclement weather all play a part of why we have power outages several times a year.




Hope everyone stayed warm through the night and they can get power restored quickly.