Dropbox Pro

So I have been a Dropbox user since 2009. It is just plain simple.

This year I now have two laptops (one mac, one pc) that I am experimenting sharing my lightroom catalog and photos between the two. At least for this year 2016, anyway. This required me to upgrade to Dropbox Pro.

My top 7 reasons why I love Dropbox.
1) Super simple.
2) It just works.
3) Integration with several apps that I use
4) On all devices and platforms (Mac, PC, Linux, Android, IOS, ....)
5) My friends and family use it, so it makes sharing files between us extremely simple.
6) Access to files in the cloud.
7) Yet another backup of files

If you are considering signing, here is a referal link https://db.tt/pJuQd9z