1.63 days (or 2349.5 minutes) of riding the lift in 2015-2016

For the last several years I have been tracking the number of ski days and number of vertical descent by tracking which lifts I ride.  If you go up you must go down.

One of the stats I also track is the amount of minutes I actually are ON the lift.  This year it was down as well, at 2349.3 minutes or 1.63 days!

But this year I did make my 50 days goal of at least one run



, but fell well short of my 500,000 feet goal.

Ski_2015-16_-_Google_Sheets 2

Here is a Pie chart of the lifts I rode.

Ski_2015-16_-_Google_Sheets 3


Overall it was a weird year snow wise, amazing snow in late December but no snow in  mid February to mid March.

Oh what difference a month makes. #feels #like #spring

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I probably say this every year, but next year I will take it to next level (what ever that is).

Cheers!  it was fun.

If you are interested in knowing how I do this, comment below.


ps.  Other data


Ski_2015-16_-_Google_Sheets_and_Dropbox Ski_2015-16_-_Google_Sheets 5 Ski_2015-16_-_Google_Sheets 4