I have been waiting to post this until :

  1.  New website went live –  Done
  2. More of the plans have been firmed up. – Done

So here is the “math”

Hybrid Car + Roof Nest + Summer Rental of Place = Meander 2017

  1. I traded in my old Subaru for a newer 2014 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid
  2. I purchased Roof Nest so I quickly rest for the night.  Please visit my Roof Nest page for more details on this fun device. www.meander.com/roof-nest
  3. I rented out my Boomerang condo for the months of June, July, August.

The high level plan is to travel and work during those three summer months and live out of my car and “nest”.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

will be work days.  I will either go to co-working places, coffee shops, friends to do my normal software development work.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

will be my adventure days.  This includes driving, camping, backpacking and off course taking photos!

The actual itinerary is still in flux, but here is the high level plan.

June:  Go West

July: Go North

August: Go East/South


Stay tuned as the details are figured out in the next couple of days. Meander 2017

Adventure on!