I have a place to stay in Telluride for the Summer!

I had a feeling things that would work out and they did!

Backstory.  Recent plans were confirmed on where I will be living in October, but the next couple of summer months were a bit up in the air.  As many Telluride locals will tell you, the rental market is very very tight.

From the Telluride Newspaper:

"For many it won’t come as news that finding a low cost rental in Telluride or Mountain Village can be difficult, but hard numbers have also been difficult to find in terms of how many people have not been able to find adequate housing.
The rental market has been tight for a while, and at least part of the issue is due to low apartment turnovers. Units at Shandoka Apartments and at other affordable housing projects in the area have seen fewer people leaving at the end of the season. And though waiting lists might not be very long, getting in can be hard without turnover."  

Source:  http://www.telluridenews.com/articles/2014/05/28/news/doc538515fd4f2a1931971014.txt

I even thought of leaving Telluride for a bit.  But nope, no need.

Thanks to all that was involved and also those who helped with backup plans. 

Photos and stories  will be a work in progress for future posts.


ps.  I am  still paying $$ but I am very grateful