A full year (52 weeks) of successfully keeping my weekly streak going of 15 tasks accomplished

Successfully kept up a streak of 52 weeks of accomplishing 15 tasks.

Successfully kept up a streak of 52 weeks of accomplishing 15 tasks.


People that are close to me know that I love to set goals and and task systems.  I have been with ToDoist for quite some time now and love it.  As a fan of http://gettingthingsdone.com/ this system is the closet that I found to that methodology.

One of the things when I first started out that I thought was unnecessary was how ToDoist gamified task completion. However, it turned out to be a huge motivator for me.  I am NOT a creature of Habit, so this is sort of a big deal that I successfully accomplished at least 15 tasks per week EACH WEEK FOR A YEAR.

Heck, I am such a big user of ToDoist, I am in the top 15% of users and have Master status!

Master Status


Here are some of the reasons why I like Todoist

  1.  It has a great Android app.
  2.  It integrates well with IFTTT so I can do things like:
    1. Star an email in gmail and it will add a task.
    2. Move a card in Trello to my In Progress list and it will add a task
    3. Setup rules in Zapier with Jira
  3. It has decent integration with Google Speak so I can add tasks via voice
  4. Reliable
  5. In the cloud so everything "syncs"
  6. Fairly inexpensive


Regarding my implementation of GTD, I use Labels for this.


Next Action:  Tasks that are the Next Action to get a project done.

Current Sprint:  What I want to accomplish this week.



According to my Year in Review  January is my most productive month, but really fall of the enthusiasm train.  May is when skiing is not on the agenda and have some time to think again.  November is a project month as well.  Interesting...



No surprises here that Sunday is my day to frantically reach my weekly goal, because Friday's happy hour always gets in the way.


This chart surprised me at first, but really what is going on is my crossing off items that I did throughout the day.



Note, I use ToDoist at the ground level of task completion.

For 10,000 foot, I use Trello and Jira for bigger projects

For 30,000 foot I Mindmap using Simple Mind

But those will topics for another day.

Good, now I can check off a task about blogging.

Task on my friend!